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Are You Getting Enough Love?

Are You Getting Enough Love?   Are you getting enough love? Are you giving enough? Jim and I are convinced there is plenty of love in the grand scheme (just as there is money). It is not a thing or commodity to trade for favors or manipulate to […]

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The Socially-Acceptable Affair

Like all seasoned couples counselors, I’ve heard a host of justifications and rationalizations for emotional and/or sexual extramarital affairs. While the spouse of the partner who had the affair often acquires some measure of understanding and compassion, he or she is inevitably wounded and angered by the affair. Furthermore, […]

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Connecting with Your Partner in Sacred Ways: Part 3

This is the final post in a three-part series offering tips for connecting with your partner in sacred ways to enhance your relationship. Read the first post and the second post. Are you curious about ways you can deeply connect with your beloved in sacred ways? Ready […]

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Connecting with Your Partner in Sacred Ways: Part 1

This post is one of a three-part series with tips to help you connect with your partner in sacred ways. Enjoy! So often we are unbelievably busy with our day-to-day demands, media attention, stresses and outward preoccupation, that we may neglect the hidden aspects of our inner […]

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In the Shadows

In the Shadows by Jim Sharon Last week I observed the eight-day Jewish holiday of Passover, as I do annually. Passover is the celebration of Jews’ freedom from centuries of bondage in Egypt thousands of years ago. Pesach, as it is called in Hebrew, also affords a […]

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It’s Not Only About Love

It’s Not Only About Love! by Ruth Sharon Healthy relationships are built on a strong foundation of the traits and qualities that reflect the couple’s consciousness—it’s not only about love. To avoid the pitfalls of negative patterns and devolving affection, be sure to stay fresh, present and engaging! We had the […]

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Going the Distance in a Relationship

Going the Distance by Jim Sharon Are you curious if your relationship is on a stable foundation and on a successful path for staying the course? Our theme this month is being more present, fresh, curious and open within yourself and with others in your life. Going the […]

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Is Love Innocent?

Is Love Innocent? Reflections by Ruth Sharon Love is innocent is the title of a song by Colin Hay. What does that mean to you? What if you could be as innocent as a child? Have you hung out with a kid under five recently? Being with my almost 3-year-old […]

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Love Habits

Stopping negative thoughts and behaviors can be tricky. Living in the trance of our programming creates a sleepy life with dull emotions and lack of luster. How can we develop “love habits?” How can we share more love with our partners and companions on the journey? Great […]

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Genuine Joy for the Holidays!

Genuine Joy for the Holidays! by Jim Sharon The holidays are upon us once again, accompanied by the familiar mix of cheerfulness and hectic activity. Here are a dozen tips for taking care of yourself and enjoying the season with your loved ones. Pace yourself while gift shopping […]

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