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Family and friends joined Ruth and me in basking in the joy and festivities of our son’s and new daughter’s wedding over Labor Day weekend. The strong consensus among the guests, who came from as far away as Denmark and British Columbia, was that the four-day celebration was […]

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Joy is Here!

  Good news! Joy is here, whenever you call on her! Taking time to slow down, relax and enjoy life is a fine art. As you experience more inner joy, you can share this radiance with your partner, family, friends, coworkers. The soul’s true happiness lies in […]

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Are you hot? This summer is heating’ up! HOT relationships bring more Summer Lovin’! While we’re in the thick of the summer heat, let’s discuss the furnace of relationships. What do you consider the prime source(s) of heat in your love relationship? The first response to that […]

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The Art of Love

The Art of Love We just offered a creative expression program for couples and singles called, “The Love of Art.” Let’s flip that title around and glimpse into The Art of Love. For me, intention and focus of attention are foundational elements. Those begin with a lifelong […]

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What is your story?

Secrets of a Soulful Marriage: A Love Story As our 45 th anniversary approaches, we want to share our beginnings. Enjoy this excerpt from Secrets of a Soulful Marriage: Creating and Sustaining a Loving, Sacred Relationship by Jim Sharon, Ed.D. and Ruth Sharon, M.S. Available from SkyLight Paths Publishing.  The Power […]

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Our 45-Year Marriage

In early June, my beloved Ruth and I will celebrate our 45th wedding anniversary! For many years, a lot of people have admired our relationship and wondered how we have made our long marriage work. On this joyous occasion, I’d like to briefly address that curiosity. In […]

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Are you ready to have more energy for life? Anything you do to enhance your overall well-being directly or indirectly impacts your (potential) partner. Do you take good care of yourself? You can start with easy ways to promote your health with live foods, exercise, and sufficient sleep. […]

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The Joy of Innocence

What does the word innocence conjure up for you? Hopefully, you can go beyond the common meaning of “not guilty.” My observation as a counselor and relationship coach is that innocence and its cousin purity are becoming endangered species in our very active, control-based lives. For me, […]

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The Joy of Retreating

The Joy of a Retreating   Do you get so tired of working and doing so much? A simple solution is to retreat. Yes, to let go and rest, relax, fill up again. One meaning of the word retreat is to withdraw. Taking a half-day, day or weekend to withdraw or […]

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SOUL Soulful is the motif or operational word in our relationship work with couples and singles the past few years. We consistently invite participants in our programs to consider what that term means to them. During a recent presentation at a Modern Gladiator networking event, we used […]

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