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Our 45-Year Marriage

In early June, my beloved Ruth and I will celebrate our 45th wedding anniversary! For many years, a lot of people have admired our relationship and wondered how we have made our long marriage work. On this joyous occasion, I’d like to briefly address that curiosity. In […]

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Who’s Poking You?

In the first of  this two-part series, we explore the annoying pokes we cope with on a daily basis. Much of this irritation may fly under our radar. Perhaps we learn to tolerate stress until symptoms become fairly flagrant. Maybe we even are so poked full of holes that […]

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Are You Listening?

Listening is a generous gift to give! Too often when we are engaged in a conversation, we forget to listen. Oops. Our minds are just so overstimulated these days that it may seem hard to slow down and simply be present and listen. This takes practice. Is […]

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Seat of the Soul

THE SEAT OF THE SOUL As National Heart Month (February 2015) draws to a close, I am focusing on remaining heart-centered. I invite you to join me by affirming your own intention to keep your heart space open. The heart is most appropriately located in the center […]

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Love Heals

Love can be very healing, as well as painful. Our hearts are vulnerable to being hurt, especially in relationships. Do you notice it is hard to breathe deeply sometimes? Do you feel like you walk around with armor over your heart? Perhaps being in the healing “field […]

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Renewing and Refreshing My Focus

I am doing a lot of self-reflecting lately, knowing I am renewing and refreshing my soul purpose within myself. How about you? How are your new year’s intentions progressing? Are you on your path? Do you stay on track with your goals and dreams? Life offers many challenges to keep true to […]

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Saying Good-bye

Last night I was awakened by a strong sense of unrest. What’s is this? I asked myself. As I breathed deeply, I realized that I was holding on to something. Again I asked, What is this? My breath was not flowing smoothly. I felt tension in my […]

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Love is Energy

Happy Holidays from Energy for Life! May this holiday season be infused with wellness, love and healing.   We recently received a holiday card and photo from some friends, which read “Happy Everything!” Yes, this is a special time of year and we want to send our love […]

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Are you at Home?

Are you at Home? Happy Holiday Season!  As we embark on this very busy time of year, let me offer a simple 3-step model for health, healing and balance. You can teach this to your beloved partner, children and friends! Give the gift of healthy relationships! First, take time upon awakening […]

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5 Tips for Healthy Relationship

When we tell people we encourage healthy relationship, as coaches for soulful couples, we always get the question, “What are your tips?” So, as an early holiday gift, here are 5 Tips for enjoying each other more. It can be so simple, right?! Are you willing to make […]

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