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Passing On Our Legacy

I have been reflecting on my life a lot lately. As my daughter, Alyssa, and granddaughter, Hannah, and I finish our book “Be Your Best Self: Yoga for Families,” I realize a new chapter in my life is beginning. I am open to how I can serve you, your family and your community. I will be on a day’s retreat in early March to gain clarity and focus. I know I am being called to a greater arena of influence. I long to amplify passing on my legacy of what I have been learning in my 63 years of life. I invite you to look for the ways that you are passing on your legacy to your family, friends, workplace, community and the world. Here are a few snapshots of my reflections.

Last Sunday I met with Casey Feicht and other teachers of yoga for children and families. I am thrilled we can meet monthly and collaborate with each other on projects to touch our community and beyond through our internet presence. What a ground swell of passing yoga to our next generations! I am honored to be sharing yoga’s ancient wisdom for health, vitality and family closeness.

On Saturday night, Jim and I attended a Be Men event with founder Brett Zachman and facilitator Michelle Fox, with a lively group of divorced and married people. We discovered and discussed our Love Languages (from Gary Chapman’s book). How lovely to look across the room at my beloved Jim and to share some of our “secrets of a soulful relationship” with terrific people longing to love and to be loved. How grateful I am to pass on our legacy!

Last week we had the pleasure of reuniting with our dear friends Regina and Jere, from our 1970’s Greeley days through the 1990’s in Denver. Since they have moved to Arizona, it’s been 15 or more years since we have been together. What a touching heart-filling moment to sit at dinner with our daughter, Alaina, and her family, whom Jere and Regina have known her whole life, having lived with us when she was 7, and here is granddaughter Hannah at almost 7! What a lovely legacy to the next generations that true friendships make time dissolve! See Jim’s blog post about his experience, too.

During my whole adult life, I have been a student and teacher of wellness, yoga and meditation, healthy relationships, peaceful conflict resolution, spiritual practices from many disciplines, human rights and nature conservancy. I hope my progeny and those whom I touch continue on the path of fulfilling the soul’s purpose. This gives my life meaning.

Please write comments here or send me an email about your evolving legacy. What motivates you? What do you pass on to your family? I would love to learn from you!

Be true to yourself.

With warmth and gratitude,


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  1. Your words about Legacy touch my heart. This is exactly how I’ve been feeling since turning 60 this year. What seems to be important to me is to stay in authenticity, believe in my words, efforts and intuition and pass along any goodness I can to my children and others. Sure seems that historic connections to friends and relatives has risen to the top part of my list of things important to me too. Loved your article here. Keep writing.

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