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Grateful for Gratitude!

Let us be grateful to people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.”  Marcel Proust, early 20th-century novelist

Ah, another Thanksgiving approaches: a day of stuffing our faces and bellies, and for watching football games. Hey, I’ve engaged in plenty of that “traditional” American kind of festivity myself. Yet, we’re all clear about the special opportunity that this holiday provides: to reflect and express gratitude to a greater extent than we ordinarily do.

I often discuss with my clients the value of regularly practicing gratitude. As a simple application, I’ve suggested to many clients who have sleep difficulties that while laying awake, they might review very basic things that they’re grateful for, in lieu of counting sheep (which was recommended to many of us as children). I ask them to let such thoughts spontaneously arise, e.g. being thankful for having eyesight and for heat in the winter, living in a relatively safe neighborhood, appreciating being loved, etc.  A lot of people find that simple activity so relaxing and humbling that they fall asleep before completing a dozen or so “sweet” realizations.

Yesterday, a question popped into my head:  What would I feel so grateful for that my heart would fling open if I allowed myself to experience the depth of my appreciation?  What would your response be to that question? There’s a fancy word that summarizes my reaction: “ineffable”—impossible to adequately express (or do justice to) in words.  Clue:  Miracles abound everywhere, always; we tend to ignore or be blind to many of them.  Anyway, I touched myself to the core upon reflecting on that question! I invite you to stop, close your eyes, and sit awhile if you need to do so, until you become deeply moved.

Is there anything sweeter than profound gratitude? Certainly not our favorite pie that tops off our annual Thanksgiving feast—not even close!

Dear readers, I truly thank you for your interest in my blog. May you and your family not only enjoy this Thanksgiving, but also imbue it with its intended meaning and beauty. I also wish you a lovely, loving holiday season!

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