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Grateful for Gratitude


This blog stems from my wife Ruth’s and my guest appearance on The Grateful Dad radio show today. I want to acknowledge the host, Doug Gertner, “The Grateful Dad,” who has been a long time champion of gratitude. Besides discussing what he and his guests are thankful for at the outset of his show each week, Doug brings the gratitude conversation into his business consultation.  Doug, who designed and widely distributes The Grateful Dad’s Journal of Gratitude,” will be offering ten free gratitude seminars as part of gratitude month this November. Learn more at http// Hear the show at:

I am often grateful for gratitude itself, as I recognize, along with so many others, that gratitude is the cornerstone of happiness. When we genuinely appreciate what we currently have, rather than focusing on what is missing or what we wish for, we can experience contentment.  The truth is that each of our lives is replete with countless daily miracles. Regular recounting of these miracles soon (or at least ultimately) leads to a profound sense of gratitude.

Gratitude is also the first cousin of humility, a quality that many people need to develop. Like gratitude, humility serves to open the heart and create a strong sense of perspective. After all, as much as we like to think that we can exercise control over every phase of our lives, we really have limited control. As the saying goes, “Man plans and God laughs.” Furthermore, humility is the antidote for arrogance, which doesn’t serve anyone well.

I often give my clients some form of assignment that involves practicing gratitude. For example, “When you hit the pillow at bedtime, find at least a dozen simple things that you are grateful for—whatever surfaces in your mind/heart at the moment.” These clients invariably report openings and positive results in their lives from doing a gratitude exercise.

Too often we stuff ourselves silly and watch football on Thanksgiving, rather than getting into the true spirit of the holiday. We would give ourselves and others a great gift by reflecting on many things that we are grateful for not only on that single day, but on a regular basis. We can say the same about spreading love on Christmas and beyond. Our ever-increasing gratitude then ripples out and in at least some way touches everyone with whom we are in contact.

Wishing you a HAPPY and FULFILLING month of GRATITUDE!

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