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A Simple Challenge

Shortly after awakening this morning, I realized that today is December 1st, signifying to me that we are now in the thick of the holiday season.  A propitious, simple idea occurred to me, which I soon turned into a challenge, that I immediately took on myself.

My idea was instigated by a former spiritual teacher of mine, who in 1991 advanced a campaign to have the entire world stop at a set time in 1996 for five minutes of silence, which he referred to as the “moment of truth.” Impractical as this brazen initiative was, it served to plant a lot of seeds on a global level.

Although my idea is likely to be less far-reaching than the “moment of truth,” it has the potential to ripple out in many directions and favorably impact many people. Happily, it is quite doable and I assure you that if you implement it with sincere intentions, you will experience positive results .

I invite you to devote just five minutes per day for ten consecutive days to contemplate or reflect on these two questions:

  • How can I enhance the love that I give and receive?
  • How can I serve others better?

couple meditating

I suggest doing this practice soon after you awaken, but you may do it anytime during the day and anywhere in which you are free of distractions. Intend to keep your focus of attention on the stimulus questions.  When your thoughts stray, which they surely will (as in any form of meditation), gently return them to one of the questions. Consider viable and efficient responses to the two items. Your ideas need not be elaborate; they can be very basic or simple. Furthermore, it is fine to repeat a thought that you previously had, which may serve to reinforce or refine it.

Given that I’m an advanced meditator, my first crack, today, at this little exercise was delightfully successful. As you might guess, the practice tends to spill out into your day and speak/whisper to you at opportune times.

Please inform me if you decide to accept my simple challenge. Also, let me know what opens up for you in the aftermath of this 10-day practice.

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