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Tips for New Beginnings to Live Well

As part of our “New Beginnings” series,  here is your chance for the fresh start you want in one area of your life.  I hope these tips are supportive. Let us know how we can serve you! You can do this activity with your lover, friend or child.

Jim and I love to have dates. We can have a date about so many things. We can go out on the town all dressed up, venturing downtown for a play or concert, or stay home in our sweats,  challenging each other to Scrabble or chess. Planning a trip or designing house improvements can be very romantic if we set the scene right.

Are you willing to have a “date” to get clear on your next step in living well?

1. Set up a short agenda for your “business meeting.”

2. Prepare some sexy (or kid-friendly) finger food and satisfying beverages.

3. Light a candle, put on some loungy, fun clothes. Turn on some mood music.

4. Each of you pick a goal of what you want to begin anew. Announce your topic and ask for support in implementing it.

             You can select topics such as

  • being financially fit (regular bill paying, savings/investing, financial planning)
  • managing the household more effectively, saving time  and energy
  • planning healthy meals
  • getting more fit
  • having more fun
  • being of service, volunteering,
  • ??

5. Build in success and fun by communicating well– which means listening as well as speaking.

6.  Enhance your respect for each other. Fill your “love reservoir” with good feelings toward each other.

7. One person can record the notes with “to do” lists and timelines. Enjoy the power of setting intentions and following through!

8. Support each other while you talk.   Empower each other to be organized, effective and relaxed. You can lower stress and enjoy each other more.

9. Celebrate your progress! Continue weekly to put systems in place and fulfill your goal. Add another one once this one is firmly in your habits.


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Be well.

Ruth Sharon

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