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Is your relationship keeping up with you?


“We are here to awaken from the illusion of our separateness.”

~Thich Nhat Hanh, Going Home: Jesus and Buddha as Brothers

I am so grateful for these times of transformation and awakening. What a relief to truly live my real life! I am a lover of love. As I allow my old defensive barriers and illusions of being separate melt away, I am free to express myself. My physical, emotional , mental and spiritual aspects are harmonizing more and more. What about you? Is this a special time in your life to be more purposeful and alive? Is your relationship keeping up with your changes and evolving transformation?

We can learn from couples who have devoted their adult lives to spiritual awakening, both as individuals and as a couple.Chris and Sylvia are shining examples of  radiant love for each other and their marriage.

Chris and Sylvia Ebersberg


Here is their personal secret to intimacy, which appears in our upcoming book Secrets of a Soulful Marriage from SkyLight Paths Publishing, available also on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Inner Work for the Soulful Marriage: Chris and Sylvia

Chris: My inner work is simply the conscious journey of awakening, toward the “Grand Awakening.” I chose to partner with Sylvia, who is also seeking to spiritually awaken. In route to our Grand Awakening, many stepping-stones have appeared. Truth has been revealing itself on more profound levels over the thirty-six years of our marriage.

Throughout our journey, we periodically ask ourselves, “Are we still destined to travel together?” After all, we grow at different paces. Priorities change and life’s challenges bend and shape us day in and day out. I know that to continue being with Sylvia and have ongoing awakenings, I must explore my inner depths. The risk of migrating from soul mates to cellmates becomes a possibility.

Our soulful union as a couple is amazing. If one stumbles, the other supports. When one experiences great joy, the other celebrates the wonder.

Sylvia: Transcendence is the touchstone for our staying connected. We cannot be today what we were a year ago. Being in a relationship, life continuously calls us to transform, to share in our values and mutually evolve. My own spiritual development supports transparency, coherence, and wholeness. Life with my partner beckons me to be passionate and full of joy. Wherever attention goes is where the heart is. Ultimately, it is love that transforms us. Chris and I are here to share in love, to be love and in that, we are one.

Soulful Couples tip of the week: Discuss with your beloved ways to sanctify your relationship and regularly carve out time for spiritual connection. You will be revitalized and enriched by doing so.

What spiritual practices have you found to bring you closer as a couple, as you grow as an individual? Set your intention each day to dissolve the separation between you and yet maintain your uniqueness. Quite a paradox, eh?

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Be well.

Ruth and Jim Sharon

Coaches for Soulful Couples and Singles Seeking Spiritual Connection


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