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Are you getting enough hugs? Physical hugs are delicious, especially with someone you love, and promote healthy endorphins  and immune boosts.

Do you know that emotional embraces are essential too. Practice ways to accept and honor what is happening in your current circumstances and within you. Learn how Soulful Couple of the Week, Deborah Wilder and Lloyd Barde, stay clear and current . This prevents them from storing up old hurts or resentments that can block their love. Even though they are living the wisdom and maturity of their sixties, their spirits are still as fresh as in their twenties!

Our dear friends, from our time in Greeley (1970’s), started a community wellness center with us. Now they are married and have a wonderful tale to tell. Read these excerpts from our book.


Deborah and Lloyd 2014

Staying Clear and Current: Lloyd and Deborah

Having re-united after our strong friendship thirty years ago, we have now been married a year and a half. Together we have discovered these secrets about how to share and deepen intimacy from a place of full permission to live with open hearts.

We are friends, foremost and always.

As best friends, all quirks and foibles are forgiven and even celebrated in the unique soul that we love. We are endlessly entertained…

…Our partnership is a miracle in motion. We dance with it.

Though we are living the wisdom and maturity of our sixties, our spirits are still as fresh as in our twenties. So, we bring an everything-is-new attitude to our time together. Here is what we embrace:

Ease and simplicity are guideposts.

My healing and freedom is as important as yours.

Being with my best friend is the best!

Relaxation is the key. It is often just one breath away.

Always remember our deep bond.

Curiosity is the cure.

Everything offers a reason to open our hearts!

…Our simplest and most effective way of keeping things perfectly clear is by asking each other often, “Is there anything you’d like to ask me or tell me?” There always is. 


Be good to yourself ! Share love internally and with those around you. Love is the healing power.

We are so excited to announce the arrival of  Secrets of a Soulful Marriage, published by SkyLight Paths, also available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. You can get a copy from us, as well. If you are in the Denver area, we hope you will join us for our book launch party on Thurs. Sept. 4, at Purple Ginger 2, 7340 S. Clinton St., 80112, from 5:30- 9pm. RSVP to

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