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How to Build Trust in Your Relationship

How to Build Trust in Your Relationship

The other day in my counseling office, a couple shared how guarded they have been about letting love flow continually. They have spurts of really “good” periods, then suspicion or hurt creep in and the doors of their hearts slam shut. Drama abounds, with stormy tirades and sullen moods. Uncertain about how to be more consistent and steady in love, they asked some poignant questions, “Is it safe to let the other in fully? Is it OK to be vulnerable? Do I have to be open all the time?”  I described my image of what I see happening–The door of the heart has many guardians that protect the treasure of who we are. This is natural and normal. We do not have to panic or stress about being protective or defensive–it how we are wired to survive.

The main focus can be on the intention to soften the defenses –to encourage the willingness to love and be loved. Bravely bringing forth the qualities of patience, trust and compassion enhances Love flowing abundantly.

Secret Passageway

Being privy to thousands of couples’ lives and their stories, we know trust, or loss of it, can enliven or weaken a relationship. What elements help trust grow in your relationship?

Having a spiritual perspective of sacred soulfulness can create a large enough context for your relationship. Imagine a sacred vessel that can hold all the varying moods, past hurts, feelings, growth cycles, as well as times of being available and of being insular. Be willing to celebrate moving from being closed to open, so more love flows!

Pat Slentz and Eric Ferm toasting their love 2014

Take a look at this list–pick one to practice this week to build more trust in your love relationship and with others in your life:

  • Being Reliable
  • Being Honest
  • Being Open
  • Keeping Confidences
  • Showing your Integrity

Let us know what happens! Small steps make a huge difference. Keep going in the direction you desire.

How can we contribute to creating and sustaining your soulful relationship?

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Be well.

Jim and Ruth Sharon,

Coaches for Soulful Couples and for Singles Seeking Spiritual Connection

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