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Grateful for Gratitude


‘Tis the season to be jolly—and to be grateful. During Thanksgiving week, besides carving our turkeys, we might opt to carve out additional times to be dig deeper than usual into our hearts.

But isn’t complaint, blame and victimhood the order of the day? So many of us feel like we’ve been given a raw deal by our governments, bosses, and even by our supposed loved ones and friends, etc.

To say it rather simply, the most grateful people are those who take a high measure of responsibility for their lives and who maintain a strong connection with The Divine (Source, or by whatever name you call the Highest Power).

Thankfulness ranges from surface-level appreciation of things, to acknowledging our love for people, pets, nature, etc., to an increasingly profound awe of all that has been manifested on earth and in the universe. Whatever we open our hearts to, especially life’s qualities, benefits us and serves others. For me, all qualities reflect the nature or essence of The Divine. The more that we ignore or take for granted, the less happy we are.

I wish to make a bold statement. I assert that every sentient being, through its connection to the Whole, is imbued with at its core (in its heart of hearts) with unwavering gratitude. Like a tent or ship can be anchored, we are ultimately anchored to the All. However, given the privilege of will and choice, humans can elect to suppress or deny recognition of bounty.

Here’s wishing you and your loved ones a truly focused and happy Thanksgiving and holiday season.

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