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The Key to a Successful Relationship is…

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The Key to a Successful Relationship is…..
to have a real and healthy relationship with yourself first.
We know that in the busyness of life it’s sometimes hard to take time for yourself. You know what happens when you get burned out–
 you may be grouchy, resentful and hard to please, right? Life doesn’t feel sweet and wonderful when you are drained.
So, take good care of yourself daily! 
Enjoy a short break from the busyness of life. Stop, breathe, meditate, stretch, relax and
open the pathways to more creativity in your life.
When the mind is calm, creative thoughts have energy to germinate. Unifying the body-heart-mind-soul allows you
to lead a more balanced,peaceful, creative and productive life.
What can you do today to get off the merry-go-round of tedium and stress??
Discipline yourself to take short breaks so you can be more fun, creative and calm.
1. Unplug for 10 minutes and go outside for fresh air and a touch of nature.
2. Do any form of exercise for 10 minutes:
 (walk/run the steps or around the building or block, pull out your yoga mat and stretch, use hand weights)
3. Sit or lie still, relaxing all your muscles. Focus on breathing in for the count of 4, then out for 4,  for 4 minutes.
4. Write a paper and pen letter or card to a loved one.
Many cultures take time for an afternoon rest or a cup of tea—do something to enjoy a delightful interlude. Be present to what you are grateful for right now.
You can learn a powerful meditation and centering practice to use daily.
Ruth Sharon or someone wise in your life can guide you.
Meditation, yoga, healing, and wellness practices have been a 40-year journey for Ruth and she generously shares her knowledge, humor and joy. 
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