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Are you at Home?

Are you at Home?

Happy Holiday Season!  As we embark on this very busy time of year, let me offer a simple 3-step model for health, healing and balance. You can teach this to your beloved partner, children and friends! Give the gift of healthy relationships!

First, take time upon awakening &/or before falling asleep, for even a few minutes, to be quiet, calm and relaxed. Breathing in healthy energy, breathing out old stale air. Breathing in “I AM” and breathing out “CALMING.” Do this 4-5 times and then relax.

With mindfulness (focused attention),  find the balance and peace within your own mind, body, heart and soul. Name this ‘state of being’ something to describe your birthright of being present, safe, whole. Try “HOME” or “My Home base” or “My calm space.”  Learn how HOME feels; write words in a circle of wholeness.

 Home, Away from Home, Bridges Back Home


Practice this 3-step way to stay true to yourself!

1. Know your HOME,

2. Be aware of your AWAY FROM HOME and

3. Build your BRIDGES BACK HOME.

Anytime you feel yourself going away from your true HOME, notice what that is like. Some people call it  “AWAY FROM HOME” or “Chaos” or Twirly” or “Overwhelmed.” Depict this state of being as jagged lines or random swirls.

You can learn many ways to bring yourself back HOME. Start with breathing deeply, shifting your thoughts to something positive and encouraging, and doing something that serves as a BRIDGE to come back HOME.

Make a list of ways you calm down, like exercising, cooking, making a project, talking with a friend, making love, listening to music, praying, meditating, practicing yoga. Help your family do this as well, so you can support a calm, healthy household. Post Bridges Back HOME ideas on the refrigerator.

Give each other a hug and commit to having a really meaningful holiday season and healthy lifestyle!

Connie and Ross Ballard

Connie and Ross Ballard

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  1. Love the idea of ‘home’ and the bridge metaphor.

    • Hi, Claudia, thanks for your comment–really appreciate your engagement! See you soon.
      Be well.

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