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Love is Energy

Happy Holidays from Energy for Life! May this holiday season be infused with wellness, love and healing.


Jim and Ruth Holiday photo 2014We recently received a holiday card and photo from some friends, which read “Happy Everything!” Yes, this is a special time of year and we want to send our love to you now and as a time-release capsule all throughout the year.

After all, love is energy! It knows no time, no place, no limits. Love is the space to be yourself, to relax, to be present, clear, intentional and powerful.

I just read a journal of mine from 2006 and want to share this personal statement of purpose (and would appreciate your comments and feedback):

We are conscious souls who have come to Earth for a purpose, and we join with others to fulfill our mission here. We are part of the greater family of humans, and through realizing our spiritual unity, we create healthy relationships. We gather in healthy empowered family groupings to learn, grow, heal, and evolve. Love is energy that knows no boundaries. Love is all around us, within us and permeates all we think, say, do and create. May we love fully and without fear. May love soften our edges and allow us to know the unity of all Life.

Happy Everything!

Take good care of yourself!

Ruth and Jim Sharon,

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