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Renewing and Refreshing My Focus

I am doing a lot of self-reflecting lately, knowing I am renewing and refreshing my soul purpose within myself.

How about you? How are your new year’s intentions progressing? Are you on your path? Do you stay on track with your goals and dreams?

Life offers many challenges to keep true to ourselves and not get drawn into others’ agendas for us. Jim and I are both feeling profound changes. Having a healthy relationship gives us stability and compassion to go through our spiritual upheaval/ renewal together. Learning to let go, trust, have faith AND take honest action brings us into balance of the feminine and masculine aspects of our wholeness. This is spiritual alchemy!

I know the power of the old engrained patterns and how they subtly hold me captive. When I realize I am heading off in an undesirable direction or going to sleep inside as an old habit,  I am training myself to STOP. This take discipline, for sure. Once I can manage to STOP, I find my breath, rest for a moment, re-focus on what my own agenda is, and SHIFT to direct myself on the course of action or attitude needed. For example, if I am hurrying and feeling stressed, I STOP, make a cup of tea, sit down and relax. I refer to my to do list, get organized and honor my priorities. Sometimes, I roll out my yoga mat to stretch, take a walk or go to the gym after I get some stuff done or before to free up more energy. This is a form of self-love and spiritual respect.

I hope this one simple tip: STOP AND SHIFT is helpful for you to renew your energy for life and refresh your focus, so your beautiful day can unfold with many blessings, gratitude and delight. Surprises await you when you are open and ready to receive! This couple from one of our retreats discovers how wonderful stopping is, then shifting attention to each other.

Lorena and Kyle Kite toast their love, 2014 Ghost Ranch

Be good to yourself and stop regularly to manage yourself with honor.

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Love Abounds!

Ruth Sharon

Jim Sharon


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