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Show Your Love in Any Moment

Show Your Love in Any Moment

We often hear couples complain to each other in their counseling or coaching sessions, “I never see you anymore. You are too busy to spend time together; it seems like you don’t even care about me.” We feel the discouraging laments of  “What’s wrong with me that you don’t want to be with me? OR What’s wrong with you that you are always so stressed and unavailable? What’s wrong with US that we don’t make time together a priority anymore? By the way, the same is true for singles who are not taking the time for self-care.

Oh, what sadness, frustration, and loneliness! Couples, especially those devoted to each other, feel the vacancy when they don’t spend focused time together. Being distant can lead to criticizing, blaming, nagging, whining, complaining, which of course, creates more separation.

Does any of this describe your situation?

  • traveling or commuting for work
  • being consumed with raising kids
  • striving to succeed in careers
  • pushing through the endless chore lists
  • being too tired to function well?

This chronic stress can rob a couple of the simple pleasures of just hanging out together. Neglecting self-care time, necessary to maintain a healthy, balanced lifestyle, can erode a couple’s wellbeing.

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Be sure to take time for your own health, so you can fill yourself and give from the overflow. Busyness is an excuse to avoid intimacy with yourself, your partner/family/friends and your spiritual connection.

STOP making up stories about how important you are and how the world needs you to be in constant motion. It is essential to stop, breathe, receive, rest, calm, create, enjoy and to LOVE!  Make yourself and your relationship a priority.

The solution is simple. Shift your focus to giving attention to your partner (or yourself) in loving ways. Even a moment’s connection can release strain and reassure you both. When was the last time you saw the white of your own eyes and those of your beloved?

1. When you are both at the sink brushing your teeth or in the kitchen washing the dinner dishes, give a little snuggle, a little love tap, a smile, a kind word.

2. Flirt whenever you can–passing each other in the hall, in the closet getting clothes, fixing a sandwich. Remember when you were dating, how delicious tiny moments were, just being in each other’s presence?

Daka Dan Powers and Elizabeth Wood

3. Make a date at home to list what you can do for future dates at home! What are your ideas? Try some of these ways to be together: play games, tickle, be silly, plan a trip, make a collage of what you are grateful for, make love, massage, cook a special meal, go through memory boxes/ photo albums, take a bath together, do a house project,

4. List out of the house dates as well. Sharing common interests builds closeness , confidence and trust. Feeling important to each other is a great gift.

5. Take a retreat day with no phones, no media, no electronics, no clocks, no distractions. What would you do? How would you be? Imagine this: You just settle in, rest, read, write, pray, meditate. You flow with the day, allowing your feelings to surface, and your thoughts to wander. You have no “to do” list. Just BE. Get to know yourself even more. Interact with your partner as the energy moves you to. Be silent, talk, laugh, make love, hold each other. Let love surround and infuse you.

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How do you share your love with your partner to keep your relationship alive and fresh? We can all learn from each other. Leave your comment here or on FACEBOOK.

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Be well.

Ruth Sharon

Jim Sharon

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