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Who’s Poking You?

In the first of  this two-part series, we explore the annoying pokes we cope with on a daily basis. Much of this irritation may fly under our radar. Perhaps we learn to tolerate stress until symptoms become fairly flagrant. Maybe we even are so poked full of holes that we don’t have the energy to make the necessary changes.

In Part 1, we strive to heighten your awareness of the daily stressors that deplete your energy and diminish your vitality. Are you tolerating old patterns long enough and are ready to move on to happier and healthier ways of being? Let us know how we can support you.

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Think about a typical day in your life. Meditate/contemplate or use your journal to record your responses to these questions:

1. Who’s poking you? What’s poking you? Be aware of internal stressors such as worry, mistrust, hurt, disappointment. What external forces upset you, such as people in your life who act demeaning, forceful, controlling or manipulative. Does weather, money, traffic, waiting, or missed opportunities diminish your self-esteem or energy level?

2. Notice your physical and emotional reactions. What parts of your body do you tense or constrict? What happens to your breathing? This is your fight-flight-freeze reaction that begins in the primitive, limbic part of the brain and sends alerts throughout your body to be on guard.Screen Shot 2015-05-03 at 4.06.43 PM

3. Using a 1-10 scale, what events or circumstances trigger your stress reaction at a level of 3-5 ? Do you have a tendency to overlook or dismiss these lower-level stressors? Chronic stress, even at low levels, can have a negative effect on your health, relationships and lifestyle. Lingering resentments, worries and guilt may erode your vitality.

4. What do you notice when you are at the stress levels of 6-10?  Pay attention to your inner state of distress, pain, discomfort, emotions, etc. How do you behave when you are feeling sharply poked? How does your partner and those around you react to your reactions?  What toll does/did it take on your relationship?

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5. What do you do to calm yourself and re-center so you proactively and consciously respond to the present situation? How can you build your soulful relationship /marriage or prepare for one?


Ready for more tools? In Part 2 in this series, we share attitudes and skills to create and sustain energy. Educate yourself on ways to enrich your gratitude, joy, well-being and healthy relationships. Practice being aware of your reactions and shifting to lower levels on the stress scale.

Poking is not fun! Take a look at this short video on Facebook to illustrate “poking.” Shield yourself from negative energy around and within you.

Be good to yourself!

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