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Family and friends joined Ruth and me in basking in the joy and festivities of our son’s and new daughter’s wedding over Labor Day weekend. The strong consensus among the guests, who came from as far away as Denmark and British Columbia, was that the four-day celebration was very lovely.

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Sure, I enjoy the beautiful decorations, glamorous hairstyles and outfits, sumptuous foods, fanfare, and wild dancing that embellish weddings. I felt that each of those was top notch and tasteful at our affair. However, for me, all of the elegance was paled by the ineffable beauty of the sincere, open-hearted expression that pervaded the ongoing celebrations.

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Standing under the chuppah (Jewish marriage canopy) with our families and the bridal party was so rich, as were the ancient Jewish prayers and rituals, accompanied by the rabbi’s messages and explanations. I was deeply moved by Michael’s and Dana’s heartfelt, vulnerable exchange of vows, as well as by the loving tributes delivered in toasts to the radiant couple. Many guests offered warm congratulations and raves about both the couple and the festivities. Indeed, the most meaningful and colorful aspects of our glorious celebration came in the form of genuine and emotional expression. Glowing faces and warm hugs very much added to the verbal testimonies.

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During those delicious four days, I often had the thought that our planet would be so much more spectacular if we regularly ventured to open our hearts to one another. Why save our most loving acknowledgments, best wishes, and tender sentiments for the special occasions?

While I feel that I’m often honest, warm and expressive, this splendid wedding inspired me to dedicate myself to being even more forthcoming on a daily basis.

I call on you to marry yourself or to renew your vows and then let’s party on!!

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Jim Sharon and Ruth Sharon

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IMG_1284Our wedding in June 1970!!

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