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 Soul Mates

 by Jim Sharon

Today, as I periodically like to do, I want to write a personal blog. I’m seeking to publicly share my heart-filled joy, and in the process, to touch you more than to teach you.Jim and Ruth Sharon, engaged 1969

My entire being is thrilled to be marking and celebrating two major events this month. Firstly, on November 11th (mystical 11/11), my wife Ruth and I will celebrate our 48th  anniversary of meeting. We have also worked together for 39 of our 45 years of marriage, a statistic that really pleases me!

Ruth and Jim Sharon, wedding 1970

Before getting married, we both knew that we were soulmates—our connection ran very deep.

Over the years, our relationship has been fluid, dynamic and rich. We have lived into our mutual life purposes of creating a balanced life, developing an intimate connection with the Divine, and bringing forth love, qualities that we have sought to impart to others. As G-d is infinite, we recognize that there is always more light and music to embrace and express.

Amid countless personal and shared joys, we have endured plenty of upsets and conflicts, some of which brought us to the brink of separation. I attribute several key factors to sustaining us through difficult periods:

1) our strong foundation.

2) a willingness to ultimately sidestep drama and communicate vulnerably and authentically.

3) the strong desire to grow from pain and dissention.

4) foremost, unshakable faith in and love of Divinity.

I have very recently emerged from one of my dark periods, mainly as a result of deep introspection and loving, patient support from Ruth.

I want to acknowledge the glowing relationships that we have developed with each of our three adult children and two granddaughters. I am so delighted that we actively celebrate all of the milestones in         each other’s lives! Jim and Ruth Sharon with kids and granddaughters


Michael Sharon's wedding with immediate family




Ruth and I are great because we are often humbled by our human flaws and deficits, many of which we have learned to compensate for or surmount, and because we are profoundly grateful for G-d’s continual grace in every facet of our lives. Also, we’re great because we know in our cells that we are awesome sparks of the magnificent Divine—just as you are.

Enjoy the bounty of your love for those who mean so much to you.

Your relationship coaches,

Jim Sharon

Ruth Sharon

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