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Thank you so much – expressing gratitude!

Thank you so much!
by Ruth Sharon

“Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.” -William Arthur Ward

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Thank you so much for your lovely friendship and support. Jim and I are so grateful to you! Our Energy for Life and Soulful Couples/Singles offerings have been so graciously received. Our community is growing and love is spreading!!

“Enjoy the little things, for one day, you may look back and realize they are the big things.” – Robert Brault

Expressing thanks isn’t just a once-a-year tradition on Thanksgiving, as you know. Cultivating a gratitude consciousness on a daily basis can deepen your well of gratitude throughout the year. Living in a state of appreciation can lower your levels of stress, guilt, envy, anxiety and depression, as well as increase your faith, optimism, joy and well-being. Gratitude is very healthy for all your relationships, especially your love partnership.

CornacopiaPositive psychology views gratitude as one of the keys in turning potential negatives into positives. For example, instead of being aggravated that the kitchen is a big mess, remember how good the meal tasted! Allow yourself to feel great that you have food, a kitchen, a companion and the health to enjoy it all. Blessings abound when you pay attention to them. Whatever you give your energy to grows, just like watering your garden to sustain a healthy crop. Gratitude is the fertilizer to nurture healthy growth in your relationship.

Expressing heartfelt feelings of appreciation helps people harness the power to heal, to be energized, and to change lives, according to research conducted at the University of California-Davis. Relationships are reported to be stronger, more joyful and more resilient when gratitude is expressed regularly. Conflicts are resolved quicker and more efficiently when couples express understanding and gratitude for each other in the midst of disagreements. These skills can be learned and practiced! Numerous studies reveal the many benefits from adopting a gratitude mindset.

Physical benefits:

  • a stronger immune system
  • less bothered by aches and pains
  • lower blood pressure
  • ability to sleep longer and feel more rested upon awakening

Social benefits:

  • more compassionate, generous and helpfulFriends
  • more forgiving
  • more outgoing
  • feel less lonely or isolated

Psychological benefits:

  • higher levels of positive emotion
  • more alert, alive and awake
  • more joy and pleasure
  • more optimism and happiness

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Gratitude is stronger when you share it. To sustain your gratitude mindset, find a way to verbalize, write it down, acknowledge in prayer or share on social media. Just like meditation is a practice, so is gratitude.

Five Quick Gratitude Practices

praying handsKeep a Gratitude Journal: At the end of each day, make a list of 10 things you are grateful for. Think of everything from warm showers, to a comfortable bed, to movies and music, to having a great friend at work or a soulful relationship with your partner. As you practice, you strengthen the neural pathways that help you find even more things to be grateful for. Training your mind and heart to be grateful can improve the quality of your life and attract more of what you truly desire.

Write a Gratitude Letter: Choose someone who has made a positive impact on your life. Write a letter to thank him or her. Be specific with lots of description and examples. You can either mail the letter or just tuck it away.

Receive Gratefully: Allow the circle of life energy to flow with balance and harmony. Put your focus on your experience of receiving gratitude. Allow others and Great Spirit/God to give to you. Accept compliments, gifts, support, kind gestures and abundance. Say “thank you” and be nourished.

Meditation: Focus on your heart “love tank”  in the center of your chest. Allow the breath to rise from the Earth into the reservoir in your heart center. Exhale as you let blessings fall down from higher planes above you into your heart center. Repeat the cycle five times and relax. Feel your love tank filling with gratitude.

Moment of silence: Allow yourself to be quiet throughout the day. Take a few breaths of gratitude as you awaken in the morning, before you eat and as you go to bed.

Gratitude is essential for happiness. By setting the intention to prioritize gratitude, you develop a gracious mindset, so thank yourself!

What are your practices of gratitude? Share ways you express or practice your gratitude by posting your photos, videos and stories on Facebook and Twitter. Please be sure to tag it with ‪#‎gratefulcouples‬ and help spread the love through our community!

Many thanks for our connection. Let us know how we may support you.

Your relationship coaches,
Ruth Sharon
Jim Sharon

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