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Genuine Joy for the Holidays!

Genuine Joy for the Holidays!

by Jim Sharon

The holidays are upon us once again, accompanied by the familiar mix of cheerfulness and hectic activity. Happy holiday coupleHere are a dozen tips for taking care of yourself and enjoying the season with your loved ones.

  • Pace yourself while gift shopping so that you don’t deplete your energy or burn out, detracting from the pleasure of giving.
  • Be willing to turn down some holiday parties, so that you don’t exhaust yourself and lower your immune system.
  • Limit your intake of sugar, fatty foods and alcohol, all of which can easily “sneak up” on you amid the many festivities.
  • Develop and comply with a gift and party budget to avoid the backlash this January.
  • Replenish yourself with healthy meals/snacks and nutritional supplements, exercise, extra rest, and centering activities, e.g. meditation, breath practices, journaling and massage.


  • Manage your emotions, especially if you get reactivated by memories of upsetting holiday experiences from the past. If the holidays are typically a painful time for you, you may want to get a therapy “tune up.”
  • If friends or family tend to abuse alcohol or drugs, ask that they not use them in your presence,  or avoid contact with those people.
  • Engage in a variety of wholesome activities with your family and friends, such as movies, plays, holiday concerts, games, and storytelling.
  • Enjoy the ultra-festive music of the holiday season.

musical menorah

  • Carve out some sacred time and experiences, e.g. prayer, spiritual rituals, singing, and discussing gratitude and the meaning of the holidays together.
  • Openly express your love and appreciation for your dear ones and significant others in your life.
  • Begin contemplating and writing your earnest New Year’s resolutions during December, followed by a realistic action plan to implement your goals.

Thank you so much for another year of following our blogs, participating in coaching and attending events. We are especially grateful to our many power partners and those of you whom we have had the pleasure of serving as clients, seminar participants, and retreatants. Be sure to see our 2016 lineup of classes and retreats.

Ruth and I wish you a delightful and beautiful holiday season and a great start to 2016!

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Jim and Ruth Sharon

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