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Simple Tips for a Healthy Holiday Season

Simple Tips for a Healthy Holiday Season!

by Ruth Sharon

overwhelmed woman Do you get really tired and somewhat grouchy at holiday time? Even though you may have lots of fun, you can also get stressed and worn-down. Staying healthy, balanced and focused at the end of year can be challenging.

What works for you? Share your comments below or on our Soulful Couples and Singles Facebook page. Try these introspective and shared ways of being:

  • introspecting womanListen to your inner wisdom and obey your inner guidance.
  • Be sure to pay attention to old nagging memories that show what is unhealed.
  • Family “baggage” can be tedious/painful to deal with, especially if there is too much sugar, alcohol, drugs and spending money. Missing relatives and old traditions can stir your grief, so be kind to yourself and ask others for support.
  • Be aware of inflated expectations about how “perfect” this holiday is going to be.
  • Take the time and space to be alone (read, journal, walk) and to talk with a friend, counselor or coach.

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Soulful Couples’ 6 Simple Tips for Healthy Holidays:

  1. Take naps, or at least rest and be quiet, every day. Time in nature can be so replenishing.
  2. Sidestep arguments with humor, hugs, clear communication or time outs.
  3. Tell your truth about how you want to spend the holidays so you can stay within your energy level, nutritional health and budget.
  4. Express your love, gratitude and appreciation to your partner, family, friends and colleagues. In addition to giving gifts, share fun, acts of service, quality time together, physical touch, volunteering, praying and/or words of kindness.Chris and Sylvia Ebersberg
  5. Deepen in the meaning and awe of the miracles depicted in the holiday stories.
  6. Engage in meaningful rituals that nourish your heart and soul!



Happy Holidays from Your Relationship Coaches,Jim and Ruth Holiday photo 2014
Ruth and Jim Sharon

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