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Busting Myths About Couples Retreats

Busting Myths About Couples Retreats
by Ruth Sharon

When Jim and I invite committed couples of all ages to our retreats, we sometimes get push back. Many people say things that show me that they may not truly understand the value and benefits of a couples retreat. Maybe you have had these thoughts, too. We hope this myth-busting blog post clears up some of your concerns as you consider attending our upcoming “Secrets of a Soulful Marriage Retreat” February 12-14 in Loveland, Colorado.

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Myth #1: It Is Group Therapy

“I don’t want to tell anyone my intimate secrets or show what is not working in our relationship.”

Fact: No, each couple’s privacy and confidentiality is respected. The retreat is educational and inspiring.

Jim and I offer relevant topics to discuss with your partner and you have one-on-one alone time to connect and share. We are not trying to “fix” our partners and air “dirty laundry.” In the group setting we occasionally give an opportunity to share in the “wisdom pool.” Learning from others can be very beneficial.

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Myth #2: We Have to be Silent at a Retreat

Fact: We take moments to be quiet, to breathe, become more present, and meditate, but the retreat is designed mainly as an opportunity to practice communication skills and have conversations in a sustained way. You have free time to be alone and with your partner to give you a chance to rest, refresh yourself, take a nature walk, make love, etc.


Myth #3: This is a Religious Retreat

Fact: Jim and I are very couple on coachspiritually connected and universal in our philosophy. We honor whatever your relationship is with Something Greater Than Yourself. No dogma or doctrine is being shared. We give you opportunities to contemplate/connect with your spiritual foundation to enrich your love with each other. Reducing fear, barriers, and defenses can open your heart and soul to being more trusting, connected, compassionate, and joyful.

Myth #4: The Retreat Might Make Our Relationship Worse Because We Talk About Sensitive Topics and Reveal Our Hurts

Fact: A sign of strength in your relationship is the willingness to face difficulties and respect each other, not turn against each other. Sometimes we have to feel the pain to be able to heal. Developing more compassion and forgiveness enriches your bond.

We are available to guide your conversation so you communicate responsibly and effectively and do not cause more pain. We create an atmosphere of acceptance, safety, and skill-building. Tender topics are saved for when you are at home using the tools we share with you. We offer a follow-up coaching call to stay in touch and make sure you are being proactive and effective in your communication.

Other concerns? Write them in the comments below or contact us.

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Our next retreat is Valentine’s weekend, February 12-14, 2016, at Sunrise Ranch in the foothills of Loveland, CO. Arrive in the afternoon to settle into your private lodging, walk around the serene retreat center, and then share a delicious dinner in the dining hall at 6:00 p.m. We will begin the program at 7:00 p.m. Bring your wedding/special occasion photo and a romantic outfit for Saturday night “Date Night.” We will conclude with lunch on Sunday so you can be back on the road as soon as 1:00 p.m. or linger on the lovely grounds for a while longer.

Soulful Couples retreat Sunrise 2014

Save your spot and share with others!

Questions? Call us at (303) 796-7004. Schedule a free call to discuss your needs and concerns.

Secrets of a soulful marriageOur book, Secrets of a Soulful Marriage: Creating and Sustaining a Loving, Sacred Relationship, will be available to purchase and be autographed.

Join us for a remarkable weekend of enriching your relationship and nourishing your body, heart, and soul.



Your Relationship Coaches,
Ruth and Jim Sharon


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