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Love Habits

Stopping negative thoughts and behaviors can be tricky. Living in the trance of our programming creates a sleepy life with dull emotions and lack of luster. How can we develop “love habits?” How can we share more love with our partners and companions on the journey?thing-called-love

Great benefits come with increased self-discipline. Take time to learn new Love Habits to awaken the desire to shift thoughts, words and actions.

Here are some of my favorite daily habits to practice inner happiness and deep abiding love of life.

Pick one or two to begin. Be patient and compassionate as you learn.

Practice for three weeks until they are habit, then add another one or two.

1. Breathe deeply and vibrantly to clear the stagnant energy and allow positive life energy to flow freely.

2. Set intentions each day as you awaken. Give thanks for a new day. Set your heart / soul on the course you want to follow.

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3. Use positive words–stop complaining. Ask your partner, friend or coach to help you stay accountable to this decision.

4. Praise and compliment people in your life daily. Simple ways to connect may be smiles, words, gestures, hugs , thanks.

5. Set priorities for tasks and don’t let others hijack your day. Be firm not rigid. Keep your energy fresh and loving.

6. Honor transition from one place or activity to another. Complete one and start fresh on the next.

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7. Take breaks  to exercise, be in nature, walk, stretch, sing, play, rest, pray, massage, practice

yoga poses. Eat and hydrate regularly.

8. Acknowledge and appreciate your accomplishments, support and opportunities.


Let us know what happens with your devoted practice to cultivate more Love Habits.

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Your relationship coaches,

Ruth Sharon
Jim Sharon

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