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Connecting with Your Partner in Sacred Ways: Part 2

This is the second post in a three-part series offering tips for connecting with your partner in sacred ways to enhance your relationship. Read the first post.

Are you curious and inquisitive about ways you can deeply connect with your beloved in sacred ways? Ready to get started connecting with your love partner in sacred ways or to re-dedicate yourself? Here are two more suggestions:


1. Make plans to go forward together in expressing your spiritual nature in more satisfying ways. Look into your community for what would please you.

  • Attend a spiritual event together that you both agree on. Be curious about what resonates with each and both of you. Is it a worship service, lecture or experiential program (such as meditation, singing, spiritual writing or reading sacred texts)?
  • Enjoy the discovery process. Notice any hot buttons that may get triggered in this engagement. Create safety to express your upset and emotions.
  • Be sensitive to expressing your real feelings and needs, especially if your upbringing evokes stressful or unpleasant memories about your religious training.

couple_rose2. Study and learn together to engage your intellect, heart and soul. Being part of a group can enhance the experience, or simply be together for more intimate sharing.

  • Choose sacred materials, prayers, songs, dances or inspirational sayings to touch your spirit.
  • Silently meditate together at home or in the community.
  • Discuss how to design rituals that nourish your spiritual self. Many faith traditions have daily, weekly, monthly or seasonal ways to engage, as well as lifecycle events.
  • Pick and choose and experiment.
  • Keep it simple and doable, i.e. awake with your intention for serving the highest good today, go to sleep with journaling/recounting what you are grateful for, stop and breathe to give thanks before your meals, celebrate special occasions, etc.
  • Invite the Divine to be present and active in your daily life.

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Ruth Sharon
Jim Sharon
Voted Best Relationship Coaches in a Colorado contest 2015 and 2016.

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