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Connecting with Your Partner in Sacred Ways: Part 3

This is the final post in a three-part series offering tips for connecting with your partner in sacred ways to enhance your relationship. Read the first post and the second post.

Are you curious about ways you can deeply connect with your beloved in sacred ways? Ready to get started connecting with your love partner in sacred ways or to re-dedicate yourself? Here are the last two suggestions:


1.  Spend time in nature to quiet your mind, move your body and open your heart and soul to the beauty, bounty and glory of the natural world.

  • Walking on a trail near your home or taking a day trip to the mountains, lakes or rivers nearby can provide a welcome respite from the technological, complex society we have built.
  • Learning an outdoor activity to share with each other can bring joy and childlike wonder back into your lives and release endorphins. Try skiing, tennis, water sports or rock climbing, to name a few.
  • Get your hands in the dirt with intimate gardening to beautify your landscaping or plant flowers and food/herbs for your table. Take a sexy shower afterwards!

2. Sensual play and sacred lovemaking bring you closer to each other and instill more trust and safety in your relationship.couple_kissing

  • Study ancient, mystical practices of Tantra or native secrets.
  • Start with cleansing and purifying yourself inside and outside, with deep breathing, water, healthy foods or fasting. You may want to engage in this for several days before making love with your partner. Build the energy and anticipation.
  • Relax your defenses and open your heart to your partner. Remove barriers to uniting.
  • Reveal your inner light and essence.
  • Allow your partner to be a doorway to the Divine!
  • Explore ecstasy with more passion, intensity and surrender.

However you choose to express your divine nature, stay with your devotion to yourself, each other, your family and the world around you. Everyone benefits from a more peaceful, cooperative spirit!

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To your well-being on all levels!

Ruth Sharon
Jim Sharon
Voted Best Relationship Coaches in a Colorado contest 2015 and 2016.


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