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What is Your Happy Place?

gone to my happy placeWhat is your happy place? Summer fun can heighten our enjoyment, senses and delight. I feel my clearest and brightest in nature—in or around moving water, in the woods and in the mountains. When I cannot be in those places physically, I use my imagination to bring me there in an instant. I call this my “happy place” or my “home base.” As I can center myself, breathe, move and settle into the present moment, I feel alive in mind, body, heart and spirit. Then I am “home.” When I feel stressed, I am learning to stop the rising tension and shift to my happy place to calm down. What helps you to stay in your happy place?

I have been experimenting for decades with ways to align with happiness. To me, it is more than a fleeting feeling based on something going really well or a pretty day or someone saying/doing something kind.

I choose happinessI long for the sense of unconditional happiness—that I am simply happy to be alive and to experience whatever is going on. This takes practice, especially in the times of discomfort, distress or difficulty. Being mindful and welcoming of what is happening can be very freeing. Resisting and wishing things were different lead to storing resentment, anger, disappointment, guilt, etc. Forgiving the past and healing inner wounds releases stored energy. As blocks and barriers are released, our natural sense of happiness can shine forth.

Being a devoted couple, you can commit to happiness individually and together.


Many studies are being conducted now to evaluate, promote and enhance happiness. Try the ones that resonate:

  • Being with positive people and mentors  can allow you to be your best self. Finding men and women who are  models of how you want to be can help you grow into more of your true self. Being around clear, kind, perceptive, happy and communicative people can inspire you to embody more positive traits. Who are mentors, examples or models for you?
  • Meditation has been found to rewire our limited, conditioned mind, so our thoughts and feelings can be more joyful, spontaneous, expansive and healthful. I am happy to share meditation meditationphilosophy and practices with you—just ask! Jim and I meditate each morning and evening to sanctify and elevate our love of life, each other and the Divine. We focus on healing others, places in the world and difficult conditions. Let us know if you or someone you know is in need of receiving healing energy.
  • Movement brings about cascades of “happy hormones” that change brain, heart and gut. I am a lover of yoga, dancing, whirling, walking, hiking, exercise class, playing active games and making love as ways of moving. Moving as a couple provides a rich bonding experience. What are your favorites? Try something new this year!
  • Food can change moods, for better or for worse. The field of nutritional psychiatry is in its infancy, but is showing trends that affect perception and processing of happiness! Whole, unprocessed foods promote gut, heart and mental health. Eating lots of colorful veggies and fruits, lean heart-healthy-foodprotein/seafood, whole grains and essential vitamins/minerals are correlated with stronger overall health and happiness.
  • Social connections are vital for happiness and fulfillment. Being part of something greater than yourself brings meaning and purpose. Sharing leisure time, hobbies, arts and culture, humor, playfulness, learning and spiritual awareness bring people closer. What do you and your partner enjoy? Ask for what you want and need so you can feel more intimate.
  • Spiritual awareness and service to others uplift the spirit and bring a deeper happiness than the illusory passing of fun times. Awakening to the mystery that we are all connected in a tapestry more profound than we can imagine can bring happiness of the highest level. Being humble, grateful, open, kind, and attuned to others’ needs enlivens our receptors for true happiness.

Please share your ways of staying in tune with your happy place and home base. Leave comments here or on our Facebook page. You can learn more about healthy relationships by reading our book Secrets of a Soulful Marriage.

Let us know how we may serve you in enhancing your love relationship and well lifestyle.

Your relationship coaches,

Ruth Sharon
Jim Sharon






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