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Feeling Out of Balance?

homework-helpAs summer winds down, do you find yourself ramping up your activity? For example, are you recently busier at work and perhaps supporting your children with their nightly homework? Long work hours and parenting can limit time and energy for intimacy with your partner. Additionally, preoccupation with various forms of media certainly can keep you further disconnected from your mate. So many circumstances and life forces can occur to keep you out of balance.

I invite you and your partner to have a meaningful and enlivening conversation to support each other’s efforts toward increasing life balance. Will you each accept my challenge to:

  • Identify 2-3 areas in which you are personally out of balance and willing to take some concrete action to create or restore better balance?
  • Agree on new or resumed ways that you and your mate will soon spend quality time together?
  • Hold each other accountable to fulfill your specified goals to enhance life balance and couple connection?

couple-laughingRealize that you can round out your lives in numerous ways. Some general areas to consider are:

  • Doing physical activities such as exercise, sports, and adventures.
  • Sharing feelings and viewpoints with your mate.
  • Engaging in mentally-stimulating tasks or events, ranging from reading to puzzles to topical discussions.
  • Having fun with personal and mutual interests and hobbies.
  • Inspiring yourselves with increased religious/spiritual involvement or expanding your joint vision.

Balance ScaleConsider simple, brief, inexpensive, yet meaningful means of achieving greater balance, personally and together–ones that are relatively easy to attain.

As always, Ruth and I welcome receiving messages about your insights and successes. Leave your comments here or on our Facebook page.


Your Relationship Coaches,
Jim Sharon
Ruth Sharon


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