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Letting Go

high-holy-daysAs we do annually, Ruth and I recently observed the 10-day Jewish High Holy Days, during which we engage in rigorous introspection or self-reflection. Discussing attitude and behavior changes we intend to make for the Jewish new year, along with our renewed vision, proves a very intimate and empowering process for us each year. Letting go of undesired habits or patterns is a often a difficult, yet welcomed challenge for both of us every year. I say welcomed because each of us is highly oriented toward self-improvement and on growing both individually and as a couple.

This year I’m especially focused on releasing judgments and becoming more discerning in the use of my humor. Letting go of judgments will allow me to be more consistently loving and respectful of others.

As much as I enjoy playing with people, I realize that some of my attempts at employing a wide range of humor (such as puns) annoy folks or come at other people’s expense. I no longer want to use my lightheartedness inappropriately or indiscreetly. Also, while realistically I won’t let go of all expectations, I aim to continue to limit and reduce them. I have learned to become increasingly accepting of what is, rather than what I think should be. More regularly, I’m learning to, “Let go, Let G-d.”

power-of-forgivenessI’ve long felt that forgiveness is one of the most healing and vitalizing forms of letting go. Atoning and forgiving are central themes of Yom Kippur, the holiest of the Jewish high holidays. As freeing as forgiveness usually is, I clearly recognize for myself and for many of my counseling clients that forgiveness usually entails a gradual process.

For the sake of your own development, I invite you and your partner to consider what you know you especially need/want to let go of and are willing to commit to releasing prior to the start of 2017. In other words, wouldn’t it be powerful to get a jump start on your new year’s resolutions? Sincere intention is a viable force, which you can reinforce by seeking trustworthy accountability or support partners.

Ruth and/or I would be happy to serve as coaches/guides for your personal or couple’s process. Contact one of us at (303) 796-7004 to discuss how we can assist you.

Rooting for you!

Your relationship coaches,
Jim and Ruth Sharon

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