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Grateful for Gratitude!


I am truly ever so grateful for my gratitude of the magnificence of life! You and I have received countless blessings and grace. Even many of the things we commonly regard as small or take for granted are actually sizable miracles. Since Ruth and I are relationship coaches, I’ll focus this blog post on gratitude for your love partner or someone you deeply care about.

jim_ruth_loveMy so-called attitude of gratitude allows my heart to be full many times each day in profound appreciation of my beloved wife of 46 years. Just this morning I noticed her boots outside of our shoe closet. Sometimes I react with annoyance at items on the floor that I could trip over. However, this morning, when my glance fell on those boots, I felt a sudden surge of warmth toward Ruth, which I mentioned to her.

I feel extremely fortunate that we’ve both been kept alive to have had such a long, dynamic marriage. What an ineffable joy and celebration that our mutual love and respect has ripened over the years! Most days we tell each other with clear sincerity several things that we really like, love, admire or appreciate–ranging from mundane compliments to character traits.

attitude-of-gratitudeChoosing to regularly feel and express gratitude is not only a great virtue, but a quality that augments physical and mental health. John and Julie Gottman, world-renowned marriage researchers, therapists and prolific authors, reported that the happiest couples tend to maintain a 5:1 ratio of positive vs. negative interactions. After surveying nearly 500 marital couples, researchers published in the journal Personal Relationships that partners’ frequent expression of gratitude was the main significant predictor of the quality of marriages. The October issue of AARP included an article that sited several studies revealing the sanguine effects of marital satisfaction.

happy_couple2I encourage you to assess the impact of increasing your conscious appreciation of your partner or a significant other in your life and genuinely acknowledging your gratitude toward that person. For the remainder of the month, observe the effects of notably enhancing that attitude and expression on yourself and by asking that person what s/he experienced.

With abundant gratitude,
Jim Sharon

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