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Are You Getting Enough Love?

Are You Getting Enough Love?



Are you getting enough love? Are you giving enough? Jim and I are convinced there is plenty of love in the grand scheme (just as there is money). It is not a thing or commodity to trade for favors or manipulate to get what you want. Love is pure energy that is abundant and everlasting. How do we scoop up some of this deliciousness?

  1. Relax, breathe, let go of busyness and unplug from media. Make space and time for allowing your heart to be warmed with loving sensations and feelings. PRACTICE: Train your mind to focus on love each morning as you awaken. Picture three to five people/pets who love you. Let their love penetrate into your heart center. Feels good, right?
  2. As your heart fills with loving sensations, images and feelings, share this love with three to five others. It may be as easy as a smile, eye contact, hug or helpful deed. We each share love in our own ways. Have a conversation with your partner about his/her “love language.
  3. Practice non-attachment of results from giving your love to another. Perhaps you await your partner’s response and when you don’t get it, you retreat, feel hurt, judge him/her or act distant. You may even pick a fight to get back at your partner. We can get so busy making up stories and acting them out. Try to be simple. Give without an expectation of return—watch what happens.
  4.  images-of-loveSend love in your thoughts to those you miss, who are need of healing or places in the world that are suffering. Share your love generously. Law of Reciprocity states that what you put out comes back in a never-ending karmic dance.
  5. Make love as precious as your breath. Breathe in love, breathe out love. Imagine a color, song, nature scene or icon of love (such as a teacher,  prophet. Jesus, G-d, Universe, Buddha, etc.). Fill your heart with unconditional acceptance. In this moment, you are free of the worry of being wrong. You are lovable. Be the living container of abundant love and see what opens!

As I love to say, “I fill myself first and give from the overflow.” As Jim’s mother likes to say, “My cup runneth over; bring on the jugs.”

Love and happiness are intimately linked to health. Much research can be found—look it up to learn more. Make loving part of your daily practice.

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Your Relationship Coaches,
Ruth Sharon
Jim Sharon

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