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Yippee and Forging Ahead for the New Year!


Happy New Year! For our first post of 2017, we decided to write this together.

From Ruth: As the new year is upon us, I wish you all you wish for yourself. What do you truly desire?  Let us know how we can support you and your partner/family.

For 2017, I am shifting from concrete goals to essence qualities that I hope to strengthen–like calm, clarity, peace, friendship, kindness, etc. I am devoting myself to clarity and service. In my daily meditations I aspire to clear my mind, open my heart and settle into my body. Through gentle breathing and healing practices, I get quiet and listen to inner/Divine guidance. My priority is safeguarding my health and vitality as I serve others. I hope to be a model, friend and supporter for those who resonate with me. Last year I focused on ease; wow, what a powerful year 2016 was for me! See Jim’s account below.

newyearintentionsWhat is your focused intention for 2017? I find a real power in setting my intention and aligning each day with what I want to create and to be open to what the universe has to offer me. I am so curious to witness how I evolve as a conscious human being living in this time.

From Jim: We’re writing together for one of the first times since collaborating on our Secrets of a Soulful Marriage book — this is fun!

This past year was a banner one for us in so many ways! We each served more clients than ever, while doing less networking than we have in decades. Our youngest daughter Alyssa had a gorgeous mountain-venue wedding in April, so now all three of our children are married. Serendipitous and synchronistic events smiled on us more often than usual this year; we felt extremely graced!

We’re truly excited as we look forward to some special opportunities during 2017. We plan to expand our Soulful Couples Coaching programs. Stay tuned! Another highlight is being invited to join the board of the Colorado Chapter of the International Coaching Federation. We also feel honored to serve as co-chairs of the 2017 annual chapter conference to be held in November. Currently, we have two wonderful vacations planned for this year.

From Ruth: I am heading to the Women’s March in Washington, D.C. on January 21, 2017, to stand in unity for human rights and inclusiveness. Any messages you want me to deliver for you?

Be well.

Your Relationship Coaches,
Ruth Sharon
Jim Sharon

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