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Plant a Tree

Plant a Tree

Plant a tree

As spring approaches, I see buds starting to pop out on the shrubs in my yard. New life is beginning to sprout all around me. Being a holistic counselor and relationship coach, I like to apply lessons from nature to human existence. Here are some spring-related questions to consider and discuss with your loved ones to help you plant a tree (both metaphorically and literally):

  1. What is budding in me? Am I aware of new sprouts–in attitude, feelings, desires, or behaviors?
  2. What has been coming to the surface that is calling my attention? Am I willing to nurture these precious delicate uprisings? Will you support me, dear beloved one?
  3. What would the tree look like as these baby seedlings grow and mature?
  4. Am I willing to plant a real tree to help with ecological balance?
  5. Will I get involved in tree-planting activities to serve the Earth as we approach spring and Earth Day? Need ideas?

For me, I am noticing that the inner nagging conversation about not being and doing enough is quieting. I am compassionately allowing the seeds within me to take hold and sprout. Tender sprouts need a lot of care, in our emotional soil, just as in the Earth.

One day in my meditation I heard a compelling message: “Have a spring festival, to gather community and support healthy activities.” I started to talk to a few friends who liked the idea, so we invited more people to get involved, and viola, an Earth Day 2017 event is being born! It will be held on Saturday, April 22, 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. at Westlands Park, 5701 S. Quebec St., Greenwood Village, CO 80111. We hope you can join us and connect with others devoted to a healthy Earth, who sustains us, our children and their children, for generations to come. Learn more about the national commemoration of Earth Day and RSVP to our local event. Volunteers, media and supporters welcome!

Earth Day Celebration 2017

Manifesting this free family-friendly event with a group of dedicated, creative and passionate people has been like magic! A magician will be there to delight and surprise us, along with talented singers, movement artists, wellness practitioners, healers, natural products distributors, meditation and yoga teachers, food mavens, and more. Healthy lunch is available for purchase. Donations are encouraged to advance the essential work of the Sufi Healing Order.

Thank you to our current sponsors!

We hope will join us! Contact Jim or Ruth Sharon at with questions or if you’d like to get involved in planning the Earth Day event.

Your Relationship Coaches,
Ruth Sharon
Jim Sharon

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