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Is Your Yin-Yang in Balance?

yin-yang_heartHere we are right in between Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. Feel a big hug from the bearers of life!

Mother’s Day and Earth Day are celebrations of spring and our real and symbolic Mother in all her beautiful yin feminine energy. As we approach Father’s Day and summer solstice, we pay tribute to our dads and symbolic Father, as we align with the powerful summer sun and yang masculine energy.

Is your yin-yang in balance? Do you feel connected to the feminine and masculine energies? What are your warning signs when you are out of balance?

I know for myself when I am too driving, busy, time-focused, and goal-oriented, I do get a lot done, yet I can feel drained. I am being too yang, with my heavy foot on the metaphoric gas pedal. Lately, I even feel my heart racing. Not a good feeling.

The feminine yin energy represents the brake, time to slow down, receive, and reconnect with my breathing, inner thoughts and feelings. This is time to restore my energy, and process and digest what is going on in my life. I relieve stress, play, dance, sing, create, rest, swim, soak, make love, or do nothing! Meditation and prayer really  help me balance yin and yang.

One of my teachers referred to the feminine yin energy  as the cup–the space holder of the people in our lives and of the current situation. Like the womb or the heart, the yin cup provides loving compassion, openness, acceptance, deep listening and respectful caring. Being present to all the senses, the breath and the natural world helps us attune to yin.

The masculine yang is the referred to as sword energy, which can be authoritative, dominant, time-and goal- focused, strong and directional, yet can also be cutting or harmful. Setting intentions, being productive and having powerful results is true yang energy! Having a balance of cup and sword is empowering and loving.

masculine-feminine-balanceEach of us is whole and comprised of the masculine and feminine energies. The old model of relationship (half plus half=whole) is that the woman is the body, filled with feeling, nurturing and comfort; the man is the head, directing the finances, making decisions and operating from logic. How can we live in harmony with our  yin and  yang energies and honor our wholeness?

Jim and I like to coach our couples on ways to integrate cup/yin and sword/yang. This facilitates respecting differences, affirming strengths, having deep listening for healing, communicating and resolving conflicts effectively, and freeing up energy for more love and joy. Sounds so good, right?

You can refer to our book Secrets of a Soulful Marriage, chapter 6 on The Power and Beauty of a Balanced Life, page 112 chart. Here are some highlights:

Masculine Feminine
Active Receptive
Autonomous Relational
Outer-directed     Inner-directed
Focused Flowing
Penetrating Nurturing
Hierarchical Consensual
Power over Sharing power

If you notice you are too much on one side of the chart, experiment with tapping into the other aspects of your energy. Let us know how we can support you in this shift to balance. Contact us at

Enjoy the Mother-Father support and guidance–the Universe wants you to heal, unfold and blossom as your true nature.

Your Relationship Coaches,

Ruth Sharon
Jim Sharon

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