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The Myth of Leaving a Legacy

For as long as I can remember, I have felt a strong urge to find a powerful way of leaving a legacy of a life well-lived. The longing ached in me. How will I do this? When? For whom? With whom? The questions gnawed at me. A friend listened to my painful plaintive request of how to do this. She quieted, exhaled and said oh so tenderly, “Ruth, you are already doing it.” I was taken aback, so I tried to absorb her message and said, “Thank you.”

leave a legacyI proceeded on my way to conjure up various legacy projects to justify/prove my contribution in this world. Is this the “not enough” syndrome at work? Yes! Generously, I put my energy into sharing to help others. I consider myself a conduit to share the messages I am so blessed to transmit from teachers, colleagues and peers. I am committed to our conscious evolution as loving light beings, united with The One. For those of you who know me and my work, I am relentless. One project after another. One program after another. One meeting after another. When is it enough?? Something was missing.

Now five years later I realize my friend was right. Leaving a legacy in the way I thought is a myth of the ego. I have been subtly or blatantly out of balance. I am now aligning with the BE-ingness of living an integrated life. I aspire to listen to my inner guidance.

plantMy love for dear Jim Sharon has blossomed into a lush garden of delight and learning. Working together for 41 years, raising three amazing children into adulthood, being a devoted wife since 1970, a mother-in-law and grandma, and a true friend gives me the comfort of knowing I am living my legacy.

Everyday I am present with my clients, friends and associates and sprinkle love, hope, kindness and wisdom in the human dance of evolving consciousness. We indeed are spiritual beings having human experiences. I don’t need to leave behind a “time capsule” to prove I was here.

Maybe I will create more projects, programs and living legacies in our community. Maybe I will grow content in knowing I am enough and no proof is necessary. Each breath is a transmission of life eternal.

What other myths have I clung to that no longer serve? What am I willing to shed so I can expand to be more of who I am?

myth vs. truthI invite you to look for yourself. Are you holding onto myths in your relationships or life? Some examples might be: “If he loves me, he’ll know my needs and feelings, so I don’t have to ask/advocate for myself.” OR “If I were a good parent, my kids would always be happy and flourish.” OR “If God exists, there wouldn’t be any wars, violence or corruption.”

Take a few moments to go inward and contemplate these questions:

  1. What is the legacy I want to pass on?
  2. How am I already sharing the essence of this message?
  3. What myths am I ready to release/outgrow?
  4. What new truths am I ready to energize?

Be in touch with us to share your ideas. Let us know how we can support you.

Your relationship coach,
Ruth Sharon, M.S.

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