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6 Strategies for Couples Working Together

Ruth and JimCouples working together is a special breed of human! One of our passions is coaching couples who work together, so we decided to collaborate on this blog post. We are proud to report that for 41 of our 47 years of marriage we have successfully been in business together. That is hard to imagine, for us, as well as, perhaps for you. What began as a strategy to be attentive parents when we started our family, has grown into a flexible and creative lifestyle that working together affords and we love it!

As you may guess, this has not been an easy process at times. Occasionally, our styles and priorities have been in conflict. We continually commit to use our difficulties for good. Our pledge has been to learn and practice powerful and humbling ways of strengthening our relationship over the years.

Here are six strategies for working smoothly together, maintaining and enhancing your intimacy in the process. Share ideas with those you know who work together, and apply in your own life as appropriate.

  1. Intend to level the playing field: strive to remain mutually respectful and collaborative, including developing equitable divisions of labor on tasks. Share ideas and responsibilities without pressuring one another. Listen attentively. Affirm each other and value your differences. Identify and honor each other’s primary love languages.
  2. Express needs and requests clearly and directly, asking for clarification when necessary. Try not to throw ideas and to do’s at each other throughout the day; rather, set up meetings to discuss topics and do conscious planning and follow-up. Schedule regular check-ins to maintain clean communication and to stay abreast of projects.
  3. If you have coworkers or employees, keep things professional. Refrain from creating relationship drama and from excessive public display of affection (PDA). Avoid colluding against colleagues and employees. Create a conscious working environment with a culture of managing talents, energy, budget and relationships.Ruth and Jim hiking
  4. Set boundaries to promote life-work balance. Limit work hours and conversation, as well as use of media and devices. Value self-care and couple care—walk, exercise, eat well, hydrate, consciously breathe and be quiet, surprise each other, pray, connect, etc.
  5. Arrange sufficient quality time to keep your connection fresh, vibrant and romantic. Schedule regular dates that have nothing to do with work. We know how tempting it is to count every meal out as a business meeting. In-house dates to play, make love and plan vacations or house projects are essential. Going out on dates facilitates recreation, relaxation, intimacy and fresh perspectives.
  6. Allow yourself and your partner adequate personal downtime and space to relax and to pursue individual interests/hobbies. Do some things apart (even separate vacations/retreats) so you keep growing as an individual. You have more interesting conversations when you get back together.

We especially recommend reading the chapter, The Power and Beauty of a Balanced Life, in our book, Secrets of a Soulful Marriage.

We have coached couples who work together to prosper in their business, as well as flourish in their love relationship.

Let us know how we can support you and your family.

Jim and Ruth SharonYour Relationship Coaches,

Ruth Sharon
Jim Sharon

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