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When I interact with couples and singles in coaching, I hear about their struggles, clashes and differences. I understand that this is part of relationships. Faced with difficult challenges, we find powerful and humble ways to ease the conflicts and build the relationship. I also know celebrating the similarities and preciousness of each other can bring delight to the heart and soul. Seeing throughout the eyes of love changes the landscape. Try to see opportunities to grow so you can be healthy, centered and connected.

Ruth and granddaughter doing yogaAs a yoga, meditation and healing practitioner and teacher since the 1970s, I use my mat and my breath to come back to myself. I incorporate the teachings of centuries old wisdom to cultivate a way of life that honors what is right in front of me. I bring myself present to the stiffness or flexibility in a pose. I notice my inhale and my exhale. I allow what is happening right now to be fine. This is an aspect of ease, of contentment, of allowing what is, of being non-judgmental.

I observe how many of us drain so much life energy with judgments, comparisons, shoulds, worry, guilt, resentments, past traumas and focusing on “not enough” discomforts and fears. What if we could find simple ways to clear out the inner landscape so our current life could shine brighter?

Let us know how we can support you. We are your relationship coaches, celebrating 41 years in business, and almost 50 years since we met in college. We have toolboxes filled with resources to guide you. Do you believe contentment and ease are possible?

Contentment is a paradox

According to Judith Hanson Lasater in her Dharma Talk, “Contentment is a paradox. If we seek it, it evades us. If we give up on it, it evades us. It is like a shy cat that hides under the bed. If we try to catch it, we never will. But is we sit still and wait in patience, the cat will come to us. Santosha (Sanskrit word for contentment) is a fierce practice that calls upon our dedication and surrender, in each moment of our lives–not just on the yoga mat.”

easy streetActively practice ways to allow ease, in yourself and your relationships, whether in your love partnership or at work or with family? Try one or two of these and report your observations here or on our Facebook page.

  1. Focus on what seems easy, smooth or flowing in the moment. Take note, comment to yourself or others. For example, “Oh, I really like how this meal is coming together with us doing it as a couple/family.” or “This leadership conference is a beautiful collaboration of our professional excellence.”  Your examples?
  2. Stop when you feel even the tiniest bit of stress or strain. Breathe. Step back. Be aware of what is touching your hot button and de-activate it. Develop lots of tools to do this so you do not make your reactions someone else’s fault.
  3. Take breaks to replenish. Admire the beauty around you. Take a walk, feel the breeze and let the sun soak you with light. Find the balance of being active and resting– exercise, sit/lay still.
  4. Find pleasure in simple tasks in any moment–even brushing your teeth can feel so satisfying. Bring in your senses–what do you smell right now? I have a pot of soup on the stove, so I am flooded with delight right now!
  5. Be grateful for who you are and what your life contains. Appreciate what you may take for granted. Are you grateful for your eyes right now, for the ability to read this blog post? A daily practice may be to list 10 things you are grateful for each day–tell your partner, kids and/or co-worker.
  6. Learn/practice meditation to cultivate inner peace and stillness so that ease, contentment and gratitude flow naturally.

Your ideas?

Be in touch. Thanks for being on this journey with us.

Your relationship coach,

Ruth Sharon

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