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winter mountain hikeI just completed a chapter entitled, “Call of the Wild” in Gregg Levoy’s sizzling book about passion, Vital Signs. The chapter focused on raw energy and the alacrity often felt via exotic adventures and extreme sports. I fondly recalled some of my wild moments, such as rafting down the roaring Green River for nine days and engaging in mountain activities like rappelling, Tyrolean traverse, zip line and rock climbing. I’ve also experienced a period of open marriage and three months of homelessness during a spiritual adventure.

And then there’s a resounding voice that sarcastically utters, “big deal!” to those sensational kinds of encounters. In another chapter of his book, Levoy expounds on the common affliction of being unduly restless and insatiable in our quest for novel, exhilirating experiences.

mountain lakeI’ve long been a practicing advocate of finding countless ways to make the ordinary extraordinary. Here is a diverse sample of simple, essentially everyday-types of activities I’ve engaged in alone or with my wife, Ruth, that has awoken or thrilled me:

  • very attentively scanning my body–a mindful practice
  • strong emotional and/or spiritual connection with Ruth during sex
  • learning a new card or board game
  • people-watching in an airport
  • continually deepening during a conversation with Ruth or a friend
  • bringing forth wisdom or creativity while attuning to a counseling or coaching client
  • soaking in nature, including such subtleties as examining a leafJim with granddaughter
  • spirited prayer
  • devising a joke
  • fantasy play with my granddaughters
  • writing a poem or creating an art assemblage of household objects
  • massaging a dog

What are some of your favorite ways of enlivening ordinary moments? What are some commonplace experiences or activities you’ve observed others doing that you’ve yet to try, but are now game to give it a whirl?

I just thought of the old song, Breaking Up is Hard to Do. Playing off of that, waking up can often be easy to do!

Your relationship coach,


Jim SharonJim Sharon, Ed.D., a licensed psychologist in private practice, has served as a counselor for over 40 years. He attained his life coach certification in 2001 and has received additional training in spiritual direction. Since 2014, he and his wife, Ruth, have specialized in coaching committed, devoted couples to significantly enhance their relationship. Jim and Ruth were voted best relationship coaches in Colorado in 2015 and 2016. Jim has previously served as a business and agency consultant, presented at state and national psychological conferences and has appeared on many radio and TV shows. He is the author of two books and many professional articles.

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