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Listening to My Heart

As a young woman many decades ago, I heard a remarkable lecture on human consciousness and the shifting of power over thousands of years. Once upon a time, feminine (YIN) energy prevailed as the primary connection to Source, through birth, nurturing, healing, cultivating Mother Earth, etc.  Then masculine forces (YANG) came into power with religion, government, rules, laws, and domination.

Women have been treated as less than men. This has been evident in recent days with news of male privilege of sexually harassing women, and even worse being neglectful, abusive, and insulting.  Over the past several generations, women’s rights have been progressing, as we strive for balance of the masculine and feminine forces. The vision I hold is to integrate the YIN and YANG energies–to be whole. Imagine the yin-yang symbol to depict the complementary nature of light and dark, known and hidden, active and receptive.

masculine-feminine balanceAt times I admit I am way too yang–too driving, goal-oriented, time-bound, structured, scheduled and thereby stressed. I long for more yin time–being quieter, calmer, more centered, letting go of tasks and to do’s. I long to flow, relax, listen deeply, trust, eat slower, breathe more deeply, and live organically in harmony with the natural world and essential spiritual truths. Ahh. Doesn’t that sound nourishing? Our culture is way too yang for me. I am challenged in finding the balance. Are you?

I am pledging publicly now that during this holiday season of Light and Love and into 2018, I am focusing on being more yin. Perhaps you will join me in this focus of balancing the active (yang) and receptive (yin) aspects of being human. Write a comment here or on Facebook to let me know if you’re joining me!

My promise is that I allow more time to listen to my heart’s longing, to….

  • restwrite in journal
  • deepen in being more fully present
  • write in my journal
  • take more time to slow down my breath
  • feel more grateful when eating
  • settle into my yoga and meditation practices
  • be creative with art projects
  • play and have fun

How about you? Let us know how we can support you.

If you are in the Denver area, come to our gathering, Being Present; Looking Forward, on Sunday, January 7, 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., with a potluck to follow our meditation and discussion of setting our course for 2018.

Your Relationship Coach,

Ruth SharonRuth Sharon, M.S.
(303) 796-7004


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