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I Walk Woke

Woke! I am Woke! I walk Woke!

Women's March 2018 Woke Sign

As a fifth grade teacher in the 1970’s urban ghetto of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, I cringed to hear a phrase like “I woke!” I used my red pen generously on my class’s writings. “Using Eubonics is forbidden,” said the stern principal, ‘Teach them the right way to write,” he emphasized. Thinking he is helping the youth of the ghetto to be able to get out of the poverty and addiction cycles, he created a culture in the building of teaching our kids basics and not putting up with any of their trouble. At the time, I saw his point of view and headed into my nascent career as a classroom teacher to help those less fortunate to make their way into the white world of success. Is this belief disrespectful, as well as hopefully, helpful? I am sorry for any harm I may have caused.

Jim and Ruth at Women's MarchNow, as an elder, as I marched in the 2018 Denver Women’s March, my heart expands to include as much diversity as I can, to bring more love and acceptance to a world in need of healing. I am saddened by a tiredness I sense in many I encounter. Do you feel asleep inside the dream of separateness? Biologically, socially, psychologically and spiritually, as we separate to become individuals, we are prone to forget that we came from Unity, and to have faith that to the Oneness, we return. This is my belief and I do not intend to convince you.

I Woke!

Ever since my mentor and friend, Rabbi Joe Black, of Temple Emanuel in Denver, CO, used this phrase in his a new song, “Praying with Your Feet,” I long to walk as a prayer–walking mindfully in meditation, walking around my neighborhood and visiting with folks I encounter, walking in and to places in this city, and to walk in prayer as I travel beyond the familiar. Now I walk in more marches, walk for being fit, healthy, strong, capable, compassionate and loving. I walk with my life partner, Jim Sharon. We strive to harmonize our steps.

I  walk Woke–and I am praying as I walk Woke, honoring all the joyful, sorrowful, illuminating and delicious moments as a human. One day I will no longer be in form in this way as Ruth Sandra Goldberg Sharon, Hebrew name “Roos, nickname “Rutzie,” Sufi names “Annapurna” and now “Malika.”

Young RuthieIn this photo, I am in early fourth grade, soon after a revealing conversation in my Hebrew School class with Rabbi Goldberg. During this discussion, words were put to feelings, and I experienced a startling moment of clarity. I figuratively, in my heart, raised my hand to ask God if I could please be part of the age of the messiah, the awakening of humanity, to our Oneness. The Rabbi said something to the effect of “when more and more people know and love the Divinity (known by many names), there will be a time of peace, of joy, of celebration, of knowing that all there is is God; we are all included in the One and the One is in us at all times, as the life force.”

Fast forward more than 50 years, I have had many periods of forgetting and  thus living in fear, isolation and distress, and many periods of remembering and living with sacred intention. I Woke again and again. Haven’t you? Isn’t it amazing how we can forget, then remember? I intend to stay Woke. Please support me, nudge me, be clear with me. I call on my soulmate, Jim, to remind me. Who can you call on?

Who is walking this journey with me ? I would be honored to call you my Friend.

Let’s talk about how we can walk Woke, side by side–dancing in life together! I am opening up 3-4 slots on my calendar next week. Do you want to talk? walk and talk? Schedule a free 30-minute call here!

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Ruth Sharon is a relationship coach, Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) and Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT). Her passion is facilitating couples to enhance the vitality of their relationship and make healthy lifestyle choices. Ruth shares her wisdom, compassion and humor with individuals, couples, families, and groups. Ruth and her husband of 47 years co-authored Secrets of a Soulful Marriage: Creating and Sustaining a Loving, Sacred Relationship, SkyLight Paths Publishing, 2014. They are delighted to offer coaching for couples and singles, in person and virtually, as well as transformative couples’ retreats, seminars and online courses.

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