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Know Your Boundaries

Relationships offer us so many opportunities to learn more about ourselves, even as we’re always getting to know our partner better. One of the most important questions a relationship can ask us to consider is, “What are my boundaries? What do I need in order to thrive? When do I need to say no?”

In her latest post on, “Honoring Boundaries,” Ruth Sharon reflects on how family life has taught her about her own boundaries:

I know we each live in our own personal bubble. Learning to refine my own integrity means I honor my pace, rhythm, needs, cycles, moods, and commitments. My bubble may contract when I am stressed, tired, or wanting to be alone, and it can expand when I want to include others, take in a larger perspective, learn something new, or connect spiritually. I am committed to attuning to honoring my own boundaries and being mindful of my partner’s and others’ personal space.

Of course, this takes practice.

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