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Practicing the Art of Receiving

We’ve all heard the adage, “‘Tis better to give than to receive.” Certainly, there are many joys to be found in the act of giving – but if no one was around to receive your gift, the experience might fall a little flat.

Giving and receiving form a dance of reciprocity that, when practiced daily, can fill your relationship with happiness. Sometimes, though, we need a little coaching to help us truly open to receive the love our partner wants to share with us. In his latest post on, “The Art of Receiving,” Jim Sharon offers some gentle and practical suggestions for learning to receive all the abundance of life!

If you’re capable of giving freely and graciously, why not balance that at least somewhat by willingly, happily receiving?! Actually, doing so requires a solid measure of self-esteem–a gut sense that you deserve niceties.

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