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The Big Little Secret

People are always asking us: what’s our secret for creating a lasting partnership that has brought us joy, growth, and personal satisfaction for five decades, and is still going strong? The truth is, the secret isn’t one big, difficult thing – it’s a lot of little things, and they’re not hard at all. In fact, approached with the right mindset, they can be great fun!   

As Jim Sharon explains in “The Little Things,” his latest post on, the best way we’ve found to build a relationship that stands the test of time is a combination of many small gestures, practiced over and over again until they become a solid foundation for your shared life:

Indeed, little things are the building blocks of big things, as a house is comprised of individual bricks and as snowflakes bond together to form snow piles.

It takes time and commitment to develop the little habits that make a big difference in a long-term relationship, but if you follow these suggestions, we think you’ll find that the rewards are well worth the effort.

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