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Your Relationship Story

Each relationship has its very own story, and its own special gifts. No one in the world is exactly like anyone else; we each have our own set of talents, perspectives, and strengths to help us pursue our life’s purpose. So when any two people come together in loving partnership, the resulting blend of qualities and possibilities is unique in the universe! 

In her latest blog post on, “What Is a Soulful Couple,” Ruth Sharon explores some of the shared history that gives our own relationship its special flavor:

We labeled the four areas of existence (the cylinders) long ago—being physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually attuned with each other. Now we affectionately refer to this alignment of our individual lives as “Living in the Mansion of Love.” We are committed to living in more and more rooms of this expansive, ever abundant mansion and its lovely grounds.

You’ll also find suggestions for a date night activity that will help you and your partner get to know each other more deeply while having fun and being creative!

To read the full post, just go here!

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