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How Grounded is Your Relationship?

Often, couples find that some areas of their shared life flow very smoothly, while in other areas, things don’t quite seem to fall into place. For example, two people may have an easy time sharing and connecting on the emotional level, but when it comes to making decisions about the home, conflict keeps arising.

In the first installment of a four-part series on the Four Worlds Outlook and its connection to romantic relationships, Ruth Sharon explores the ways we relate to the physical or material realm, both individually and with our partner. The material world includes such aspects of life as our home, our possessions, and our finances, as well as activities like tending a garden, decorating a room, and planning for the lifestyle we want to have. In this article on, Ruth guides us through a tour of this realm, and shares ways to tend to our physical world so that we can truly thrive:

The Physical World is visible, known, obvious, dominated by our five senses. Look around your life. Be an observer. Look with innocent eyes at your physical life. Notice what is right in front of you, the concrete objects and how they are arranged. Take a moment to experience what you see, smell, taste, feel, hold, touch.

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