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Applebaum, Jeff: A Thin Thread,

Barde, Lloyd: The Cure is Curiosity

Booth, Steven:  Angels Along The Road

Boyer, Gregory:  Optical Illusion,

Brody, Jordan:  From The Ashes of This Culture

Brunschwig, Pierre: My Father’s Gift

Carroll, George: The Fallen Soldier Rises

Case, Robert: The Turning Point,

Darling, Chuck: Big Goals and Olympic Dreams

Ediger, Jared: The Worst-Case Scenario

Fireman, Sam: Tell the World

Gelsey, Rudi: The Impact of My Near-Death Experience

Gertner, Doug: Full-Circle Fatherhood,

Green, Bill: Twin Voices,

Heinlein, Jay: Coming Back for Good,

Ivker, Rob: A Leap of Faith: From Family Doctor to Holistic Healer,

Jensen, Les: Talk to the Hand,

Jones, Steve: Ending the Family Cycle,

Klein, Jeff: Growing Together – A Father’s Story,

Knippenberg, Craig: Crying for Columbine

Lewis, Roberto: Light in the Cell

Lowey, Eliot: My Little Miracle

Luttrell, Aaron: Two Seasons of the Soul

Nanfito, Sam: Dudes Don’t Yoga

Oberlander, Harold: The Ultimate Measure of a Man

Oberlander, Keil:  Eat Dessert First,

Rants, Brian: Plastic Glasses: Learning to Love Life on the Rims of Culture

Roberts, Chuck: My Brazilian Daughter,

Schwartz, Steven: S.O.S.,

Shamir, Ilan: A Shipwrecked Mariner,

Sharon, James: Free Fall,

Sharon, James: Tell the World (co-author with Sam Fireman),

Sharon, Michael: Life Through the Lens

Svoboda, Steven:  My Two Heart Opening Moments

Tessler, Stuart:  Seeing the Light:  A Story of Life, Discovery and Illlumination,

Theobalt, Coy:  The Day I Became a Sailor,

Tidrick, Rick:  A 50-Year Journey of Fatherhood and Self-Development,

Vitello, Jason:  Masterpiece,

Vladeck, Michael:  Healing Like There’s No Tomorrow,

White, Robert:  Three Identities,

Zachman, Brett:  Divorce is Just the Beginning, and

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