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About the Book

About the Book

WELCOME to the web page for the book, “Ordinary Men, Extraordinary Lives: Defining Moments,” a men’s anthology featuring diverse, transparent stories of forty men’s triumphs over major life challenges and adversities. The book is available on If you are interested in ordering more than 30 books, please contact Jim Sharon to inquire about a volume discount.

I’m Jim Sharon, the coordinator and editor of the anthology project, including events surrounding the book. As a psychologist, consultant and life coach, I have worked with thousands of people to resolve personal, family and business issues or concerns. During the past 30 years, I have been especially attuned to the confusion and difficulties men have expressed about trying to understand or adjust to our fast-changing society. So many guys are uncertain about roles or expectations they feel they need to adapt to in order to “fit in” at work, be appreciated by their partners, etc. Having both led and participated in numerous men’s groups and retreats since the 1980’s, I wanted to find a powerful way to reach out to the masses.

Compiling an authentic book about men’s various struggles and successes struck me as an effective means to inform both men and women about how guys have dealt with major life events. Over the years, I have met some really inspiring men, many of whom enthusiastically wrote their stories in our anthology, which was self-published in September 2011. The contributing authors have related defining moments that shifted their lives from ordinary to extraordinary. From a man whose faith carried him through the Holocaust to accounts of men stumbling through life before gaining the courage to set their own course, each man’s story contains compelling messages.

This site is a forum for blogging about the men’s anthology, announcing special projects and events, and for news or information about prominent, current men’s issues. While I am the primary blogger, many other men (and some women), especially anthology authors, are and will be contributing their perspectives.

I look forward to further conversations with you about various men’s issues and to hearing about defining moments in your lives.

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