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Below are excerpts from reviews of Ordinary Men, Extraordinary Lives:  Defining Moments, compiled and edited by Jim Sharon, Ed.D.  See other reviews on

Jim Sharon has compiled a collage of men’s voices—doctors, CEOs, bike mechanics—all speaking about a turning point in their lives, from near death experiences to tucking their children into bed.  Each story is unique, instructive and moving.  Taken together, the book is a tour de force illuminating the inner workings of men.  Ordinary Men, Extraordinary Lives should be read by anyone interested in understanding the inner, intimate lives of real men, and in the psychology of masculinity.

– Terry Real, Newton Centre, MA:  author of The New Rules of Marriage; How Can I Get Through to You? and I Don’t Want to Talk About It

I found many of these stories engaging and compelling!  As I was reading some of them, I felt like I was sitting around a campfire in the woods or in some mountaintop retreat center absorbing men telling their stories of transformational  moments.

– William P. Ryan, Ph.D., Western MA:  author of Working from the Heart:  A Therapist’s Guide to Heart-Centered Psychotherapy

A new book for men, this is highly recommended, especially as conversation starters in men’s groups.

– Lion Goodman, San Francisco, CA:  Director of Men’s Programs, The Shift Network

This anthology gives insight into modern man’s obscured world of emotional consideration from each individual contributor’s diverse standpoint; a very powerful and intimate exploration, thus opening a window and blowing the cobwebs off of the misguided belief that men do not feel life in all of its intricate complexities.

– Elyse Draper, Denver, CO:  Denver Authors Examiner

It is not the easiest task to share ones authentic self and journey, and to have so many men dig deep and provide to the world a story of their experience is truly a great gift.–It is this sharing that  will allow us all to become greater and more than we currently are.

– Jevon Hill, Calgary, Canada:  The Warriors Voice

Beautifully written by men from different walks of life, the author has chosen just the “right” sample of men to tell their story and reflect on the human condition.  There is encouragement for all men to feel safe to be their authentic selves.  I am inspired and will use quotes from this book for future reference.  Excellent, quick read.  I highly recommend it.

– Blue Pearl, Fort Collins, CO:  author of Wings of Love

I have felt compelled to read many of these awesome, engaging and insightful stories.  Anyone who reads this anthology will surely find stories that inspire them and that inform their lives.

– Dianne Fresquez, Denver, CO:  owner, For Heaven’s Sake Book Store

Jim Sharon has edited a rich set of diverse stories that express the full range of contemporary male experience.  From stories of triumph to stories of great loss, the reader can see the editor’s intentional effort to tell the story of what the modern man copes with in America today.  Pick this book up and read each writer’s story, being glad for the honest willingness to share deep, fresh insights.  Bravo!!

– D. Warren, Littleton, CO:  college instructor

I respect the editor’s effort at taking on a range of perspectives, authors and experiences:  from young to old, left to right, and secular to spiritual.  Such wide-ranging topics will invariably appeal to every reader and allow for meaningful critique within the confines of his/her own experience.  It is the inevitable personal connection that makes this book such an important read.

– Dana Ramm, Arvada, CO:  city planner

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