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White Bird Must Fly

Looking out my window in prayer and meditation each morning, I watch the seasons. Being with old friends also helps me realize the seasons of our lives. We are preparing for a visit from our dear friends, Jere and Regina, whom we met in 1973 when we […]

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Space Between

Hello, do you have enough “space between?” Perhaps this is one of the secrets to a soulful and successful relationship. Mary and Ron have invited us into the intimacy of their Saturdays so we can glean their wisdom! Read their tender story, which appears in our upcoming book “Secrets of […]

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Soulful Couple of the Week

As we build our community of soulful couples, we want to acknowledge those who stand out in their healthy lifestyle, balance, communication, love  and collaboration. Who would you nominate? Let us know. A couple that seems to be very open to each other’s feedback and personal growth is […]

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Living in Balance

  What does it mean to you to live in balance? We are continually dealing with demands and stresses of life,  so how do we find the sweet spot where the mind chatter quiets, energy is abundant, and  the heart is joyful? Learn from our Soulful Couple of […]

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How to enhance intimacy by being more organized

Every morning I pray to align with love, harmony and beauty. My heart yearns for peace. As Jim and I look around our house and yard, we wonder how we can have time to organize and clean everything for my ordination on Sunday. My thoughts can generate anxiety in my body, […]

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Spring Forth from Silence

The quieter you become, the more you are able to hear.~Rumi Silence is the language of God, all else is poor translation. ~Rumi As this beautiful spring is blooming, I am still savoring my winter “cave time.”  Recovering from winter illness and finding my way through some challenging […]

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Big Boys Do Cry!

  At the end of their 1962 hit song Big Girls Don’t Cry, the Four Seasons concluded that big girls do cry. So do big boys and grown men! I was very pleased to see that Sports Illustrated magazine ran a cover story about Denver Broncos’ top […]

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Build Your Bridges Back Home

Happy 2014! We hope your holiday season was fulfilling and fun! As we all embark on this new journey of intentions, promises, resolutions and commitments, let me offer a simple 3-step model for health and wellbeing. First, take time upon awakening &/or before falling asleep, for even […]

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Tips for Enjoying this Holiday Season

Are you tired of stressing over the holiday details? Shopping for gifts, hosting and attending parties, decorating your home, sending holiday cards and all the crowds can wear you out. How can you keep your energy clear, vibrant and loving– and really enjoy the meaning of this time […]

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The Whole Story

The Whole Story by JIM SHARON on 6:37 PM in WHOLENESS With Whole Man Expo right around the corner, I want to discuss the word whole in a different way than I have in several previous blogs. A wordsmith at heart, I’m going to seriously, playfully dissect the word whole to colorfully flesh out aspects of its meaning. […]

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